From the newest title of the “Ghost in the Shell” series, Netflix original animation “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045” (Apr. 23, 2020 worldwide exclusive broadcast), a video of the main episode with the appearance of Kusanagi Motoko encountering an unknown marvel “Post-human” has been revealed for the first time.
Also, followed by the complete 12 episodes of season one, the production of the second season was decided.

In this first-time revealed video, depicts the world that has entered the state of planned and continuous “Sustainable War”, with re-assembled Public Security Section 9 fighting against an unknown being of “Post-human”.
“Post-human” is an unknown being equipped with phenomenal knowledge and physical ability. It seems like “Post-human” is related to the unimaginable crisis, yet the object behind this is not clear.

In the intensive battle against the “Post-human”, Kusanagi Motoko successfully drags the “Post-human” out of the arms suit and attempts to lock the movement using a cyber brain lock. However, she was also caught within a cyber brain space, losing all cyber brain and fighting skills, leaving her in a status where she cannot fight.
Soon, this unexpected incident starts to affect the surrounding environment. Would it be possible for Kusanagi Motoko and the Public Security Section 9 to return safely? The aim and reason behind the birth of unknown marvel “Post-human” add interest to the story.

Moreover, the production of the second season was decided, continued by the 12 episodes of season one, which depicts the story of the members of Public Security Section 9 challenging against the new marvel beings. The worldwide exclusive broadcast will start from Apr.23, and let's get ready for the moment of a new page added to the history of the “Ghost in the Shell.”

(C) Shirou Masamune ・Production I.G/Kodansha・Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Production Committee