“Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045” is the first full 3DCG animation in the “Ghost in the Shell” series broadcast exclusively on Netflix. New “Tachikoma” has also been recreated from ROBOT SPIRITS as a figure. It will be in stores from Aug. 2020.

This product is recreating Tachikoma in “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”. The fingertips are movable, and the extended wrists are also made for both right and left hands. The 3 eyeballs are can be moved individually, ad the grenade launcher and Gatling guns can be switched with one another.

Also, by using the tire parts, the running scene in the movie can be recreated. Furthermore, the product can recreate the running mode, which is the unique feature of Tachikoma in “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”. Let's enjoy the worldview of the movie together with the additional element parts and Batou's character plates.

“ROBOT SPIRITS<SIDE GHOST> Tachikoma-Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045-” is priced for 6,500 JPY (tax excluded), and will be on sale from Aug. 2020.
(C) Shirou Masamune・Production I.G/ Kodansha・Ghost in the Shell2045 Production Committee