The special video and new scene cuts for the movie anime “Umibe no Etranger” (release date: Sept. 11, 2020) were released. Along with this announcement, the sale of the first art book of the original work's author, Kii Kanna, called queue-Kanna Kii artbook”, has been decided.

“Umibe no Etranger” will be released from the anime label specialized in boys-love called “BLUE LYNX”. The story is set in the remote island in Okinawa and depicts the innocent romance of the young novelist and the boy.

The special video and the scene cut released this time depicts Shun meeting Mio sitting on the bench near the beach at night.
Mio's fragile profile, colorful flowers, and a friendly cat that stands by his leg…the important scenes from the movie is delicately taken out, and the voice of Murata Taishi, who plays Shun, and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, who plays Mio, can be heard as well.

In addition to the video and the scene cuts, the sales of the 4th volume of “Harukaze no Etranger”, which is the sequence of the original manga, and the Kii Kanna's first art book called “queue-Kanna Kii artbook” had been announced. The released date for both products is Aug. 25, 2020.

“Umibe no Etranger” will be released in the theaters nationwide from Sept. 11, 2020.

(C) Kii Kanna/Shodensha・Umibe no Etranger Production Committee (C) Kii Kanna/Shodensha on BLUE comics