The anime label, “BLUE LYNX”, which specialized on BL, had released the main trailer and main visual of the anime movie “Umibe no Étranger”. The art exhibition called “PARCO x 'Umibe no Étranger' Anime's Art Exhibition” will also be held.

“Umibe no Étranger” is a based on a BL manga by Kii Kanna. The setting takes place on the island off the coast of Okinawa and depicts the innocent love story between a greenhorn novelist and a young boy.

The main trailer started showing Mio starting at the sea while seating on the seaside bench at night. After Mio with the lonely expression encounters Shun, he got attracted to him and confessed “I like Shun”.
In the first half, Mio can be seen with a gentle smile and happy about the mutual feeling, but after seeing Shun wavering appearance as he is worried about his past experience of having a same-gender relationship, Mio with a sad expression decided for a break-up.

The cute one scene of Shun, and Mio eating the watermelon happily at the balcony, while being looking over gently by the other characters such as Oba-chan, can be seen from the main visual.

Moreover, “Umibe no Étranger” anime's art exhibition will be held on PARCO GALLEY X in Shibuya, Tokyo. The exhibition will not only shows the anime's art, but will also displays each detail needed to create the movie such as the setting art and the artboard. The art exhibition's original goods illustrated by Kii Kanna-sensei will also be on sale.

“Umibe no Étranger” will be released on nationwide theatres on Sep. 11.
“PARCO x 'Umibe no Étranger' Anime's Art Exhibition” is scheduled to be held on Shibuya PARCO GALLERY X on Sep. 4.

(C)Kii Kanna/Shodensha,Umibe no Étranger Production Committee (C)Kii Kanna/Shodensha on BLUE comics