An Akutagawa Prize winner Tanabe Seiko’s masterpice “Joseem the Tiger and the Fish” has been announced to become a movie. Addition to it, the teaser visual and information of main staffs were also announced, and coments from director Tamura Koutaro and Tanabe Seiko Office have arrived as well.

“Josee, the Tiger and the Fish” is a short story written by Tanabe Seiko, a Akutagawa Prize winner, and has been made into a live action movie, acted by Tsumabuki Satoshi and Ikewaki Chizuru.

The novel is about a girl in a wheel chair, Josee, who livis in whorld with picture books, going out to the outside after meeting Takao.

Tamura Kotaro, who has directed “Noragami” serise and “Wolf Children” has challenged anime movie making for the first time. The script is by Kuwamura Sayaka, the character design is by Iizuka Seiko who desigined the character of “un × Boku SS” and “Children of the Whales.” Bones,. Inc will be in charge of the animation.

The animeted movie, “Joseem the Tiger and the Fish” will be released on 2020. The novel also The novel also becomes a comic by Emoto Nao, who is in charge of basic character design. It will be on “Da Vince”, released on Jan. 6,2020.

【Tamura Koutarou, the director】
It took a long time to release. 36 years are about to pass since Tamura Seiko’s short novel “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish” has been released, but this novel still has so much to fascinate although so much time has passed.
The story could exist, but did not exist anywhere. Because the new age has come, I would like to deliver the work throughout the movie, and I hope it gets more attention.

【Tanabe Seiko Office】
The main character Josse is a girl who has a disability on her legs and underestimates the world. She opens her heart by knowing the world and loving someone. The fear, surprise and happiness from opening a door to the new world. I hope the audiences will enjoy Josse’s “adventure” together. I believe the author, Tanabe Seiko, thinks so, too.

(C) 2019 Seiko Tanabe/KADOKAWA/ Josse Project