In accordancewith 『Hataraku Saibou』 (『Cells at Work!』) manga, the collaborative manga 『Hataraku Saibou ~Kansen~』 (『Cells at Work! ~Psoriasis~』 aims to broaden a correctunderstanding of the mechanism of Psoriasispsoriasis. In honor of World Psoriasis Day on October 29,, it will be made public onOctober 21.

『Hataraku Saibou ~Kansen~』is a collaboration between the biopharmaceutical corporation Celgene and the author of 『Hataraku Saibou』: Akane Shimizu, Shimizu Akane, aiming to send a message on the occasion of the World Psoriasis Day.
Shimizu made a public comment about her reasons for drawing this manga saying "I only learned of the suffering of those affected by Psoriasis recently. It's my wish that in spreading awareness, some pain, even if just a little, would be alleviated. I'm really glad that 『Hataraku Saibou』 could be used to educated people on Psoriasispsoriasis."

All 16 pages of the collaborativemanga will be opened to the public on October 21 on the "Psoriasis Partners" website, the e-book website 「honto」, and the Tokyo Ikebukuro Station advertising space for free.
On October 21, 1pm (JST), Seibu Railway- Ikebukuro station will hand out2000 booklets on a first come, first-served basis.