The special site, where you can enjoy an exciting pseudo-experience of Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells(Neutrophil), and Platelets from TV Anime “Cells at Work!” measuring your health condition via your forehead, had opened from Jan. 14, 2020. Newly recorded exclusive voice drama and wallpaper download details were announced as well.

The special website “Deko Pita! Cells at Work! presented by Pabron” is a collaboration between the TV Anime “Cells at Work!” and Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s cold medicine “Pabron S Gold W”. It was created so that you can enjoy learning about the first approach on dealing with cold, and a cold''s mechanism together with the characters from TV Anime “Cells at Work!”.

In the special website, a special original illustration of Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells(Neutrophil), and Platelets lifting up their bangs to show their forehead was used. Participants will able to enjoy the pseudo-experience of “Deko Pita” with the characters just by putting your forehead perfectly aligned with the character's forehead shown on screen.
Moreover, a newly recorded voice drama between Hanazawa Kana (as Red Blood Cells), Maeno Tomoaki (as Whtie Blood Cells), and Naganawa Maria (as Platelets) is released. You can enjoy a new sense of being in a original scenario in close proximity with the characters and the feeling of being measured by them.

Other than that, there is also another content known as “Obenkyou (Study)” where you will be able to study about the ingredient of a cold medicine anda cold's mechanism together with the characters.
Furthermore, just by challenging the cold and Pabron related quiz in “Pabron Quiz”, you will be able to get the limited edition wallpaper materials used for original illustrations.