Despite the release date of the “Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0” movie is scheduled on Jun. 27, the official character goods & apparel “COSPA” had released the latest apparel and goods of “EVANGELION” together.

The lineup of the apparels include “Angel T-shirts polymer print version” with the dimensionalized angel's face, “Eva Unit-00 Acid Graphics T-shirt” featuring both Unit-01and Ikari Shinji, “Nerv Logo knitted sleeve long-sleeve T-shirt” with the “TOKYO-III” on the chest and the Nerv mark by joining both sleeves, and “Core T-shirt” with the Eva and Angel's core printed on it.
With the lineup of a variety ofproducts, you can surely find a piece that fits perfectly with the “Eva” story.

Other than that, the new goods are “Nerv S-shaped Hook” and “Unit-01 S-shaped Hook”, which can be used to hook various objects such as the daily keys, small object, mini tools, and straps, and “Eva Unit-01 Entry Plug Thermal Bottle” with the design of the entry plug and it convenient to carry and have a slim body.
Each of the products will be on sales from May. until Jun. 2020, so do enjoy “Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0” with a full-body “EVANGELION”.

(C) khara