On Apr. 9, 2020, the TV anime “BanG Dream! 3rd Season” episode 11 ranked in the 1st place in the world trend with a hashtag with “#BanG Dream Anime 3rd_11” during its broadcast. Many people, including Obara Riko, who plays Asahi Rikka from the band in the anime called “RAISE A SUILEN”, thanked and congratulated the event.

“BanG Dream! 3rd Season” is 3rd season with the next generational girls' band project called “BanG Dream!”, where the characters and live link, as the original work.
In this season, in addition to “Popppin&Party” and “Roselia”, the 3rd real live band called “RAISE A SUILEN” appears, and the anime progresses with great momentum.

Episode 11 was broadcast on Apr. 9, where the end is about to come. This episode is called to be “the greatest episode”, and the live commentary for the episode became a hot topic, even the hashtag for the episode, “#BanG Dream Anime 3rd_11” ranked in the 1st place of the world trend.
The official Twitter account reported to the fans, “It ranked in the 1st place of the world trend! To the Bang Dreamers who tweeted with a hashtag, #BanGDreamAnime 3rd_11, thank you very much!”.

As a response, Obara Riko, who plays Asahi Rikka of “RAISE A SUILEN”, tweeted, “Wow! Wow! The 1st place in the world trend! Thank you!”. The fans also tweeted, “…the 1st place in the world trend!? It is because of BanG Dream fans! It's wonderful!”, and “It instantly ranked in the 1st place. Well, it's no wonder since this was the greatest episode”.

“BanG Dream! 3rd Season” has only episodes 12 and 13 to go. We still cannot take eyes off of it.

(C)BanG Dream! Project