Apr. 5 is Fujita Toshiko-san's birthday who had been active as a voice actress/actress/singer.

Fujita Toshiko-san began her show biz work in the 1950s. She has voiced characters in various works such as the TV anime “Ikkyuu-san” and the overseas anime “Tom and Jerry”.
As a singer, she is known for singing great songs including “Nee! Moomin!” (Hi, Moomin), the theme song of “Moomin”.

Unfortunately, she has passed away in 2018. However, in 2020 works such as “Digimon Adventure” and “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” in which she has starred are being remade/reanimated. The characters voiced by Fujita-san will always remain in the memories of fans.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we have conducted a survey asking, “Who's your favorite character voiced by Fujita Toshiko-san?”. There were 77 votes during the voting period from Mar. 25 to Apr. 1.
The voters leaned a bit towards the male side with the gender ratio being 60% male to 40% female and the age range was widely spread with 25% in their 20s, 25% in their 30s, and 30% in their 40s.

■Characters from a wide range of works from TV, films, and overseas anime, received votes.

The most popular character was Yagami Taichi from “Digimon Adventure” receiving many votes from the voters ranging in there 20s and 30s.
Yagami Taichi is the protagonist who goes on an adventure in the Digital World along with Agumon. The comments from the voters such as, “I love Fujita-san's energetic and cool voice, which is like the representative of a young boy's voice,” and “I've admired Taichi voiced by Fujita-san since watching Digimon when it was first broadcast. The energetic young boy's voice with a touch of matureness has always given me a sense of secureness,” shows how her portrayal of the protagonist with more than only enthusiasm left a strong impression on the viewers.

Kisugi Rui from “Cat's Eye” was popular among the voters in their 30s. She is the oldest among the Kisugi sisters and has received, “Fujita-san's roles were mostly young boys, but I loved her feminine and sexy voice.” She was also popular for being mischievous from time to time.

“Ikkyuu-san” received many votes from the voters in their 40s. Comments such as, “I used to watch the rerun every day as a child. Though the character had a rough life, I think Fujita-san's voice helped him become more cheerful and enjoyable. I used to be a librarian and remember the rental videos being very popular,” show how long the character has been loved for.

For Alfredo from “Romeo's Blue Skies”, “A character that has both young and mature characteristics. I think Fujita-san is the only one who could have pulled it off.”
For Horiguchi Genki from “Ganbare Genki”, “I was amazed how she perfectly portrayed the character from his childhood to adolescents.

For Tateno Hiroshi from “Hell Teacher Nuubee”, “He's so energetic. Fujita-san's voice really brought out the cute charm of Hiroshi, who has good looks but is a bit dumb. The episode where his mother passed away put tears in my eyes.”
There was even votes for a Noitamina production, Hisayo from “Mononoke”, “She first appears as the old keeper of the inn, but later on, we find out she has a secret. Fujita-san expressing the difference of the character in her younger ages and older ages with her voice was beautiful and glossy. It really amazed me.”

Various characters from energetic young boys to mature women, overseas dubbings, and even animal characters received votes. The results show how wide her range of roles were and how many fans she has inspired.

■Here are the characters who received votes
[Who's your favorite character voiced by Fujita Toshiko-san?]
Yagami Taichi “Digimon Adventure”
Kisugi Rui “Cat's Eye”
Tateno Hiroshi “Hell Teacher Nuubee”
Ikkyuu “Ikyuu-san”
Alfredo Martini “Romeo's Blue Skies”
Maraich “Patalliro!”
Dai “Dragon Quest: Dai's Adventure”
Kiteretsu “Kiteretsu Daihyakka”
Horiguchi Genki “Ganbare Genki”
Tsukikage Chigusa “Glass Mask”
Hisayo “Mononoke”
Polly Buckets “Dr. Slump”
Bonobono “Bonobono” (First Movie)
Hester Gallop “Fafner in the Azure”
Pierre “The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots”
Charlotte Linlin “One Piece”
Jane Royal “Space Cobra”
Jerry “Tom and Jerry”
Kala “Tarzan”

(Voting Period: Mar. 25 to Apr. 1, 2020)