The gigantic tactical bomber “Gigant,” which was revived by the villain Lepka in the TV anime “Future Boy Conan,” is being commoditized for the first-time as a watch with a concept of “Gigant on your arm!”.
It is available for pre-order from Apr. 3, 2020 at the online store “Tokyo Giga Shop”.

The “Gigant Handcraft Watch” is made by “Tokyo Giga Shop”, a company that implemented several collaboration between craftsmans and the universe of famous titles, such as “Colonel Muska Sunglasses” and “Ghost In Shell Ukiyo-e”.
Under the supervision of the “Nippon Animation”, who made the TV anime, and handcraft watch association “JHA”, it became a genuine handcraft watch with quality.

To reproduce the strange form image of the “Gigant,” also called a flying fortress, it uses the casting pewter (tin alloy) as the material to give profound impressions.

To express the thick joint outer plate and different parts of molds, it is crafted with a metallic texture. The dials include details such as the thickness that reflects the inner structure of the Gigant and white second hand that engraves the final flight of the “Dokuga (Poison Moth)”. Every watch is created one by one by the watch craftsman.

“Gigant Handcraft Watch” is priced at 26,000 Yen (28,600 Yen Tax incl.).
The pre-order will begin from Apr. 3, 2020 at “Tokyo Giga Shop” and it will be shipped 4 to 6 weeks after the purchase once the watches are crafted.