A 1/100 Scale Master Grade Kit of the “MS-07B M'qube's Gouf” from “Mobile Suit Gundam MSV” is on resale. It is currently available for pre-order at “Premium Bandai.”

In this kit, its distinctive body shape is reproduced through new parts such as antenna, leg side armor, and shield.
The luxurious engraving that gives a splendid impression has a curving that rises like an embossing. It is expressed through “Special Engraving Stickers” that makes beautiful shadows from different angles. The color of the airframe with engraving and contrasts that shines are colored through color molding.

The price of “MS-07B M'qube's Gouf” is 4,950 Yen (Tax Incl.), and it is currently available for resale pre-order at “Premium Bandai.” Delivery is scheduled for June. 2020.