Business manner quizzes from “Hypnosis Mic” was posted on their official Twitter to commemorate their release of “Matenrou”, Shinjuku Division.

“Let's make things clear! This or That Business Manner Quiz on Twitter” was inspired by the song “BLACK OR WHITE” by Kannonzaka Doppo, who is an office worker.
The song is included in the album, “Matenrou -Before The 2nd D.R.B-” by “Matenrou”, Shinjuku Division, which was released on Mar. 25.

The quizzes, which have become a regular event, is held through the Twitter Survey function.
By answering the quizzes, you will receive a guidance image of business manners from Doppo. Their themes are, “e-mails”, “meetings”, “honorifics”, “elevators”, and “business cards”. You can learn your business manners before your new chapter of life.

Why not check out how well you know your business manners?

■Shinjuku Division Product Information
Matenrou “Matenrou -Before The 2nd D.R.B-”
Now in stores
Price: 2,000JPY plus tax

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