It has been announced that Colopl., a business company that operates in mobile network games, smartphone games, and location-based service​, has acquired “MAGES.”, which is known for the works “STEINS;GATE” and “B-PROJECT”.
In response, Shikura Chiyomaru, managing director of “MAGES.”, commented, “Creating something out of nothing, and the possibility of maximizing it. I can't look forward to such a future now”.

According to its corporate philosophy, “Entertainment in Real Life: Making Everyday Life More Enjoyable and Wonderful through Entertainment.”, “Colopl is a mobile services-focused business dedicated to “proposing new ways to play” and “IP creation” in order to continue creating new entertainment.

MAGES. is a general entertainment company that engages in a wide range of industries, including games, music, and events, and specializes in creating new entertainment and original IP.
Through game planning and development, and music content production, it has created popular IP such as “STEINS;GATE” and “B-PROJECT”, and anticipates continuous business growth in the future.

By adding MAGES.’ original IP creation strengths and existing IP to the Group, Colopl anticipates further improvements to its competitive strength in the mobile services business.
Additionally, through its participation in the Group, which reinforces its financial base and business management system, MAGES. will be able to accelerate its specialty business of creating new entertainment.

<Full comments are below>
[Shikura Chiyomaru, managing director of MAGES.]
As announced today, the board of directors of Colopl Inc. has decided to transfer our company's shares, making us continue to operate as a group in the future.

Currently, MAGES. consists of several operations departments.
Music that manages labels for anime songs and idols, and plans live events.
Video games that handles science adventure genres and other series, and adapts popular anime titles into games.
Anime that is not limited to our own original productions, but also invests proactively in works that people find “interesting!”.
Broadcasting Program that has its own studio and is accumulating know-how of the increasing number of Internet programs.
We are also developing a variety of other businesses based on the keyword “entertainment”. It includes a concept café that combines the food & drink and entertainment industries, the management of SAY YOU LAB, a training school for aspiring voice actors, and Amuleto, a voice talent company, and many others.
Our most important mission, which is shared by all our departments, is to imagine “new stories”, create “new characters”, and provide “new products”.
It doesn't matter what is the first media to be created, it can be an anime, a video game, a drama CD, a light novel, or anything else. After that, the first thing we do only in-house is putting in practice a small media mix project. Then, when it becomes so popular that it starts receiving positive feedback from fans and industries, we are ready to expand it even more.

However, MAGES. is missing something important to modern times: mobile business.

Our partner Colopl is referred to as “pros among pros” in this business.
The company will be able to learn the know-how of the industry and expand its business in a way it wouldn’t be able to achieve alone.

Create something out of nothing.
The possibility of maximizing it.
I can't look forward to such a future now.

From now on, I would like to find as many points of agreement as possible with Colopl Inc. and move forward with the goal of co-existence and co-prosperity. Stay tuned!

I hope fans will continue supporting MAGES. and its works in the future as well.