DMM GAMES has reported that, together with CAAnimation, the animation label that CyberAgent owns, they have started the media mix project which links games and anime. They are planning for the anime broadcast and game release in 2021.

DMM GAMES has been working on the game planning, development, and management in multiple devices since the start in 2011, and has been successful in several media mix.
In this project, DMM GAMES and CAAnimation together plan and create the original work, the animation studio C2C (known for “Harukana Receive”, “Bocchi Hitori's ____ Life”, and “President, It's Time for Battle!”), and the games will be developed by DMM GAMES.
DMM GAMES commented that “We are working hard toward the anime broadcast and the game release in 2021 to produce a game with the highest quality that was not seen before..

In addition to this project, the audition to extract “the rough diamond who can work both as the voice actor and the artist”, which provides an opportunities to play the character in the new original anime and the game project, called “Smile Audition” has begun.
The grand prix winner will be affiliated under the cooperate management of Digital Double and Just Production, and will make a debut as a voice actor.