Studio Live Co., Ltd., which produced “Mashin Hero Wataru, “Karakuri Circus”, etc., has been implementing a fan club type of crowdfunding “Studio Live ☆ Fan Club” from Nov. 2019 to aim to create a completely original work while interacting with fans.

Studio Live Co., Ltd. is a long-established animation production studio that has been loved by a wide range of generations and has produced numerous anime works such as “Mashin Hero Wataru”, “Cyber ​​Formula”, “Ushio and Tora”, and “Karakuri Circus”. This crowdfunding, “Studio Live ☆ Fan Club” is started based on the thought of “If a usable work was created freely for the sake of the fans, it will surely make the fan enjoy it more than ever” by Studio Live Co. Ltd., who is using various media platform to communicate with the fans.

The anime that is currently being produced by them is the story of “Haruta”, the original character of Studio Live, based on Furuichi Kofungun (Furuichi tumulus) in Habikino City, Osaka where the legend of Yamato Takeru and The Swan remains.

You can be a patron from 550 yen per month, and a character design and an image board drawn by Koujina Hiroshi, the director of “HUNTER × HUNTER” and “Mashin Eiyuden Wataru Shichi Tamashii no Ryujinmaru” will be offered as monthly reward products.

The theme song of “Studio Live ☆ Fan Club” was provided by the wedding music service “with+m”. The songs are “Taiyo Smile” sung by chako* and “Meguri Ai” sung by Matsunaga Kimiko.

“Studio Live ☆ Fan Club” has been looking for club members to achieve producing the original animation .