Ryujimaru from anime “Mashin Hero Wataru” became the impressive sofvi figure with the height of 30cm. Pre-order is available at “Premium Bandai”.

This item is the one of the largest sofvi figure of Ryujinmaru from “Mashin Hero Wataru”, with the height of 30cm, width of 30cm, and depth of 20cm. It is based on the setting design from the time of broadcast, and recreated in great details with 3D modeling technology.

Nostalgic atmosphere that is unique to sofvi figure is the gem item to remember the childhood in 1988's.
The antenna and “Toryu Blade” on the back is made of ABS material, which is a different material from the body itself, to recreate the sharpness. Various postures can be made as the “Toryu Blade” can be holded on the right hand, and the shoulder, elbow, and wrist are moveable..

Price for “Jumbo Sofvi Figure Ryujinmaru” is 41,800 JPY (tax included). The original character plate of the protagonist “Ikusabe Wataru” will come together as a gift if the pre-order is made at “Premium Bandai”. Shipping is scheduled on Jun. 2020.

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