A Taiwanese cosplayer is booming in Japan.
Okita Rinka, who lives in Taipei, Taiwan, has over 30,000 followers on Twitter in Japan and also participates in Comiket and photo sessions in Japan. This is the report of the interview with the new-gen cosplayer from Taiwan along with a photo report.

―― What made you interested in cosplaying? And what are your usual cosplay activities?

Okita Rinka: I always liked anime and games since I was a child. I started cosplaying when I saw my friend doing it in middle school. It's been roughly 8 years since then. I usually attend as a cosplayer in ACG event (general doujin events of anime and games) in Taiwan.

―― What are your favorite anime and manga?

Okita Rinka: It's difficult to pick one anime out of so many. I like Otome games in general!

―― What are your special features of cosplaying?

Okita Rinka: I'm good at sensual gestures and expressions like cute faces and emotionless faces.

―― What do you think made you so popular?

Okita Rinka: I held many exhibition booths at various doujinshi conventions in Taiwan. Selling my cosplay photo collections at these events brought along more and more supporters. Also, constantly posting photos on Facebook and Instagram helped too. I'm so glad that such steps I took in the past brought me to where I am now.

―― Tell us which cosplay left a strong impression on you.

Okita Rinka: That would be Shuten Douji from “Fate/Grand Order”. The shooting was so exhausting. We had to climb deep in the mountains for the shooting and by the time we could leave, it was so dark we couldn't see anything. We were about to get lost in the mountains.

―― How many times have you been to Japan?

Okita Rinka: 7 times in total, but the summer of 2018 is the only time I attended Comiket.

―― What keeps you cosplaying?

Okita Rinka: The strongest motivation would be my love for anime and games. Also, the fans who support my cosplays always give me confidence.

―― In what style do you like to be photoed?

Okita Rinka: I believe the composition and the color tone are the most important. Furthermore, sharing an image with the cameraman is the most important!

―― What do you value in your cosplay?

Okita Rinka: I didn't know anything when I began cosplaying. I worked hard to become better at make-up and styling the wigs. From there, I try to get as close to the essence of the character as much as I can. That's the approach I believe I should never forget.

―― Tell us about your future goals.

Okita Rinka: I want to hold an exhibition booth at Comiket and distribute my cosplay photo collections! I also want many more people to know me in Japan, interact with other cosplayers, and improve on my cosplays.

Photos provided by Okita Rinka (@okitarinka01)