It has been announced that the new OP and ED theme songs of the TV anime “Kengan Ashura” from episode 13, will be performed by “Happy Heads NANIYORI” and “TAEYO” respectively. At the same time, a promo video that features both songs has been revealed.

“Kengan Ashura” is originally an intense battle-action manga currently distributed on the website “Ura Sunday” and the manga app “Manga One”. It has been read by 413 million people so far, and it took the 1st place in the male ranking of “Interesting webcomics selected by 1 million people! 2018”.

Furthermore, the anime that is becoming more and more exciting with the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, will be featuring the new theme songs starting from episode 13 of the TV broadcast.
The opening theme song is “Ai Shiden Issen” by Happy Heads NANIYORI, and the ending theme song is “ASHURA” by TAEYO.