The collaboration between the TV anime “FAIRY TAIL” and the smartphone game application “Monster Strike” is confirmed. It will be held from Mar. 16, 2020.

In this collaboration, the familiars characters from “FAIRY TAIL” will appear in “Monster Strike” as “Fire Element ★6 Fire Dragon Slayer Magician Natsu Dragneel”, “Light Element ★6 Celestial Spirit Magician Lucy Heartfilia”, “Water Element ★6 Ice Magician Grey Fullbuster”, “Light Element ★6 Titania Erza Scarlet”, “Wood Element ★5 Sky Dragon Slayer Magician Wendy Marvell” and “Dark Element ★5 Metal Dragon Slayer Gajeel Redfox”.
If you are a fan, you should look forward to their adventure in this collaboration.

“FAIRY TAIL” × “Monster Strike” Collaboration will be held from 12 noon on Mar. 16 until 11:59 am on Apr. 2. Moreover, as a commemoration for this collaboration, campaign such as “I'm fired up! FAIRY TAIL Collaboration Commemoration Tweet Campaign” and “Aim for the mission completion! Request Board Challenge Campaign” will be held where magnificent prizes can be won.
Further details are available on the special webpage.

(C) Mashima Hiro・Kodansha/ Fairy Tail Production Committee・ TV TOKYO