TV Tokyo had opened an anime dedicated YouTube channel “TV Tokyo Official AniTV channel”. A limited time free streaming of over 1000 episodes from anime such as “FAIRY TAIL”, “Fruits Basket” 1st season”, “Diamond no A”, “Yami Shinai”, etc. that was broadcast in TV Tokyo up until now will be held.

“TV Tokyo Official AniTV Channel” has a wide lineup of works that is toward kids but suitable for adults as well.
The lineup of streaming starting on Jan. 27, 2020 includes “FAIRY TAIL”, “Diamond no A”, “Squid Girl”, “Pikachin-Kitt”, and “Rabbids Invasion”, followed by “Fruits Basket 1st season”, ”Yami Shibai”, “Squid Girl”, “Diamon no A-SECOND SEASON-“, “GO!GO! Atom”, and others works that will also be released soon.

(C) Mashima Hiro/Kodansha•Fairy Tail Production Guild•TV Tokyo (C) Takaya Natsuki•Hakusensha/Fruits Basket Production Committee (C) Terajima Yuuji•Kodansha/ “Diamond no A” Production Committee•TV Tokyo (C) YAM