“The Laughing Salesman” is a black humor manga written by Fujiko Fujio A, known for works such as “Ninja Hattori-kun”, “The Monster Kid”, etc. This will be the first stage play adaption of “The Laughing Salesman”. The main character, Mogami Moguro will be played by Satou Ryuuji who is active in stage plays, dramas, movies, and so on.

The stage play is based on the black humor manga by Fujiko Fujio A. It started off as a one-shot called “The Black Salesman” and later was serialized. It began as a fairly minor series since Fujiko usually didn't write manga for young adults. However, when it became a TV anime as an omnibus completed each episode in 1989, it suddenly became popular.
In 2017, another TV anime series “The Laughing Salesman NEW” was broadcast, but this will be its first stage play adaption.

The stage play will be stared by the actor Satou Ryuuji who is known as Kashuu Kiyomitsu from the musical “Touken Ranbu” and Uchiha Sasuke from the “Naruto” live spectacle.
The staging will be handled by Kobayashi Kensaku who is highly praised for his unique sense of humor in the 2.5 dimension stage plays such as “Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High” gakuran musical and “Patalliro!” stage play series.

Satou Ryuuji will express the coolness, that hides under the creepy and weird Moguro dressed in solid black, stylishly to the music.

The stage play “The Laughing Salesman: THE STAGE” will be performed at Stellar Ball, Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo from Apr. 23 to May 3, 2020, and AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe, Hyogo from May 7 to May 10, 2020.

(C)Fujiko Studio/The Laughing Salesman NEW Production Committee