TV anime “Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation” 2nd season's key visual has been revealed. In addition to Muhyo and Roji, the characters who make their first appearance from the 2nd season are depicted in the key visual.

The original manga is the dark fantasy by Nishi Yoshiyuki, and it had been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2004 to 2008. The 1st season of TV anime was aired in 2018.
Muhyou Tooru (Muhyo) is the genius magical exorcist who punishes the ghosts which cause harmful incidents to the humans, and Kusano Jiro (Roji) is the assistant of Muhyo. Many people who have trouble with the ghosts visit their office every day.
Few days passed from the battle with Soratsugu Madoka (Enchu). Muhyo and Roji returned from the magical prison, and are spending normal days. The enforcer Daranimaru Goryou (Goryo) appears in front of Muhyo, and they get involved in a new battle…

In the 2nd season's key visual, Muhyo with pitiless eyes, anxious Roji, and Goryo with some leeway are depicted. In addition to Goryo and Ebisu with mysterious smiles, the messenger of the 2nd season also makes an appearance in the key visual.

Information for the main theme song has also been revealed. The opening theme song is “Inochi no Akashi” by ZAQ, and the ending theme song is “Proud Days” by NOW ON AIR.

TV anime “Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation” 2nd season will be broadcast from 2020 summer.

<Full comments are listed below>
【ZAQ, who sings the opening theme song】
The themes for this song is the growth of Roji himself and the bonds between the characters with their own partners. I implicated that the interactions with others and the bonds from it lead to their own growth, providing the reason to live. Roji is optimistic and has an understanding of the ghosts, therefore I have sung the song in a cool way. I wish that this song matches the anime as much as possible.

【NOW ON AIR, who sings the ending theme song】
Our name is NOW ON AIR, and we will sing the ending theme song for his anime!
We are honored to be the part of this anime as artists. The lyrics will implicate the view of Muhyo Roji anime and will illuminate the ways the characters live, and the song was created with great speed. Chorus and the harmony of 6 singers in the interlude are also the points to listen, so please enjoy the song both in the anime size and the full length!

(C) Nishi Yoshiyuki/Shueisha・Muhyo Roji Production Committee 2