The plastic model for “Gundam” series called “Gunpla” marks 40th anniversary in 2020, and “GUNPLA LINK PROJECT” is started by BANDAI SPIRIT.
Having a word “LINK” as a keyword, various activities such as the sale of 40th anniversary products, Gunpla building experience, big events, etc. will be held. The media mix such as the video production, and multiple collaborations will be held to make “Gunpla” industry more active.

“LINK THE FUTURE” will send the message to the future predicting Gunplas in several years later, as the climax of the “Gunpla Evolution Project”, the project created to celebrate Gunpla 40th anniversary.
“Gundarium Alloy Model 1/144 Scale RX-78-2 Gundam”, which the Earth-made Gundarim alloy can be used for Gunpla building, “AUTO-TRANS MODEL RX-0 Unicorn Gundam”, which recreates automatic changing gimmick, and “PERFECT GRADE UNLEASHED 1/60 Scale RX-78-2 Gudam”, which is the ultimate Gunpla at this point, and other Gunplas will be released.

“LINK THE FUN” is the project aimed to connect friends, colleagues, and families through fun experiences with Gunpla, and activities such as Gunpla building experiences and gift projects will be held.
The fans can vote for Gunpla for building experience through the special website of “Gunpla 40th Anniversary”, and it will also be distributed in events such as “59th Shizuoka Hobby Show”, Tokyo Hobby Show 2020″, “C3AFA TOKYO2020”, and other cooperation events which are held with the idea of “connecting parents and children”.

At “LINK TOWN”, “Gundam” related big events will be held, and aiming to expand its share to the world by connecting with Gundam fans and Gunpla fans in Japan in events with the project called “Gundam Manhole”.
The big events will be held in places such as “THE GUNDAM BASE FUKUOKA” in Canal City Hakata, in Fukuoka. “Gundam Manhole” is a collaboration project between Sunrise and Sotsu, and the installation of the manholes will be progressed by cooperating with the municipality.

“LINK CREATORS” connects the Gunpla-fan creators and artists with Gunpla, and aims toward the production of Gunpla 40th anniversary videos, and the latest animation series.
Director Motohiro Katsuyuki, who publicly declared his love for Gundam, expressed a “New Gundam Build Series” with a different approach from before.
Furthermore, the free streaming of “Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE” 2nd season, and the production of animation depicting the Gunpla battles that fans wished for called “Gundam Build Divers Battle Rogue (temporary title)” will be produced.

“LINK OTHER FIELDS” will connect the partners from multiple industries that related to “GUNPLA LINK PROJECT” with Gunpla, and will hold the collaboration project. The partners will express theirs thoughts on Gunpla.
“HG RX-78-2 Gundam J League Ver. and “Hello Pla Halo J League Ver.” are already in stores, and in the future, “Gunpla 40th Anniversary×UNICLO UT with Gunpla GIfts”, “THE BEYOND GUNPLA 40TH EDITION THE BEYOND×M-06LS ZAKU II Ver. LUNE SEA” and other products will be sold.

More information on “GUNPLA LINK PROJECT” can be found in the Gunpla 40th anniversary special website.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise