From the anime “Gundam Sentinel” and HGUC Gunpla series, the resale of the “Earth Federation Space Force’s Zeta Plus C1 model” has been decided. “Premium Bandai” is currently accepting orders.

The model’s characteristic armament has been renewed in many ways, such as its front armor, side armor, the four thrusters within its backpack as well as the propellant tank to name a few.

Additionally, the long cannon, radome, wings as well as the impressionable Beam Smart Gun have been completely fitted with mechanically detailed parts. It is possible to fit the Beam Smart Gun on either hand of the Gundam by utilizing the gun’s joints.

Lastly, parts can be exchanged and fitted on to transform the Mobile Suit’s form into its Wave Rider form. The Wave Rider Form has two bases sold separately that can be used to simulate a mid-flight display.

“HGUC 1/144 Zeta Plus C1 (Resale) (Delivery scheduled: Jun. 2020)” is priced at 2,640 JPY with tax included. “Premium Bandai” is currently accepting orders and delivery is scheduled for Jun. 2020.

(C) SOTSU・Sunrise