From “One Piece”, the past of Trafalgar Law, which is not depicted in the main story, became a novel. It is titled “ONE PIECE novel LAW”, and it will be published from “JUMP BOOKS” on Apr. 3, 2020.

The novel “ONE PIECE novel LAW” is the novel which collected the serialized stories on “ONE PIECE magazine”. The stories until Heart Pirates formation.

After Law was separated from his teacher Corazon at the Swallow Island of “North Sea” by Corazon’s death, Law overcomes illness called “Hakuen” with “Ope Ope no Mi”, and meets the inventor Wolf, who believes in “Give & Take”.
Law starts to help Wolf for receiving food and shelter, and one day he helps a white bear who was bullied at the seashore, making him his subordinate. That bear will become the navigator of Heart Pirates, in the future called Hebo.

Two boys bullying Hebo who are called Shachi and Penguin, start to admire Law, and 4 of them begins to look for the special mystery of “A swallow which flies a sea bed”. But many atrocious pirates block their way.

The original stories are added in the novel, so the fans should check this out.

“ONE PIECE novel LAW”‘s price is 740 JPY (tax excluded). It will be released from Apr. 3, 2020.

(C) Oda Eiichirou/Shueisha