The figurine of Luffy from One Piece, posing in a fighting stance, ready to save Ace, has arrived. Independent stores, web shops, etc. have begun taking orders since Feb. 3, 2020.

This product depicts Luffy in a fan-favourite pose as he fights to save Ace in the also very popular “Battle of Marineford” episode. The figurine minutely captures the reddish light from his skin and protruding muscles that occur when Luffy uses Gear 2.

Also notice how Luffy appears to be bursting with energy and fighting spirit. In addition, the “One Piece Extreme Battle Series, Final Deciding War” will feature not only Luffy from the “Battle of Marineford” episode but also Buggy and Crocodile. With all three figurines you can act out an epic battle!

“Figure C ZERO 'EXTRA BATTLE' Monkey D. Luffy – Final Deciding War” will retail at 6,380 yen (including tax). Independent stores, webshops, etc. have begun taking orders since Feb. 3, 2020. Begin selling from Jul. 2020.

(C) Oda Eiichiro / Shuueisha . Fuji TV . Toei Animation