The long animation, “Toy Story 4” from Disney & Pixar had won the “Best Animated Feature Film” in the “92nd Academy Awards (R)” on Feb. 9, 2020 (US time). It had acquired a brilliant achievement just like the previous installment “Toy Story 3”.

“Toy Story 4” had a total of more than 400 million dollars box-office revenue in US and is the most grand adventure in the whole “Toy Story” series. It was screened from Jul. 12, 2019 and the box-office revenue in Japan has exceeded 10 billion and the worldwide box-office revenue has also exceed 1 billion dollar.

In this work, Bo Beep, who was given to another owner in “Toy Story 2”, came back strong and tough and has a touching reunion with Woodie. Furthermore, Woodie together with Forky, the handmade toy by the toys' new owner, Bonnie, is having the most grand adventure of the outside world. What will await Woodie in the world outside far from the child's room…?

“Toy Story 4” is on sale as MovieNex and 4k UHK MovieNex, and the “Toy Story: 4 Movie Collection (limited copies)” which is a set of all the 4 movies is also on sale.

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