“Baseball Episode”, the episode that is highly evaluated by the manga fans, became a video as the 7th episode (Ma no 7) in the TV anime “Dorohedoro”. The 7th episode is called, “All Star☆ Dream Baseball Party”, and part of it can be seen in the trailer prior to the release of the episode.

The original manga of “Dorohedoro” is popular manga by Hayashida Q, which was serialized for 18 years since 2000. The manga was produced as a TV anime by MAPPA, the studio known for high quality anime including “Dororo” and “Zombie Land Saga”, although the anime for “Dorohedoro” seemed impossible.
Kaiman is the man who had his face changed to a lizard by a spell and lost his memory. He goes on the journey to look for the wizard who cast the spell on him together with his partner Nikaido. He wonders who is he…

The 2 teams, “Chuo Worms”, the baseball team that Kaiman and Nikaido belong to, lead by Vaux, and “Heiwa Sharks”, which is supervised by the chief doctor of Haul Peace Hospital, who is the rival of Vaux, compete in the 7th episode.

In addition, the further information for “Blue Night Shibuya”, the original drawing exhibition that uses several stores in Shibuya, arrived.
First 200 visitors with the purchase of the collaboration goods will be given the tin badge with the 8-bit dot design used for 1st half of the Blu-ray set. Please check out further information at the official website.

TV anime “Dorohedoro” is broadcast every Sunday on TOKYO MX, BS11, and other channels.

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