“Fate / stay night” and the dining restaurant chain, Nakau's collaboration project “Nakau x Fate / stay night 15th Celebration Project” started on Feb. 13. Here is a report of the “Nakau”, Akihabara store where the collaboration is being held from Anime! Anime!

Collaboration visuals welcome visitors at the store front. The tag line, “I ask you. Are you worthy of being Nakau's Master?” is an impressive key visual that calls attention to the ongoing campaign.

The Akihabara store is one of the specially decorated stores limited to 9 locations nationwide, and the interior of the store during the campaign has been colorfully decorated with original design banners and posters.
The stylish posters filled with famous scenes from the main story are well-finished, which would call the attention of fans. The 3 heroines, Saber, Tohsaka Rin, and Matou Sakura in the dress are eye-catching.

Moreover, a surprising common point was confirmed that the popular menu “Katsudon” of “Nakau” is celebrating its 15th anniversary just like “Fate”. The Akihabara store is the only specially decorated store in Tokyo, so it is a must-see spot for fans.

A life-size cutout displays will be available in selected stores limited to 15 locations nationwide, and Saber life-size cutout display is available at the Akihabara store.
They are also selling acrylic stands using newly drawn visuals at the store. It had already sold out as soon as it got popular, but it will be resold at 11 am on Feb. 27.

Besides that, they also planned to offer original A5 clear file gift, limited collaboration menus, and original in-store broadcasts by Saber. “Nakau x Fate / stay night 15th Celebration Project” will be held until Mar. 11.

“Nakau x Fate / stay night 15th Celebration Project”
Campaign period: Feb. 13 – Mar. 11, 2020
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