Voice actor Ono Daisuke will appear on the radio show “Kore kara nani suru?” hosted by Takahashi Minami on TOKYO FM from Feb. 17 to 20, 2020. Ono sets to narrate illustrated bookson the show's “Yo Mi Ki Ka Se” corner.

The voice actor will read two illustrated books “Kikimimizukin” and “Odecchosan” on a recorded broadcast of the radio show “Kore kara nani suru? with Takahashi Minami”, on the Yo Mi Ki Ka Se” corner, transmitted on TOKYO FM. The corner will be divided into 4 parts and broadcast 4 days in a row.

The episodes in which Ono Daisuke will participate will be broadcast from Feb. 17 to 20, 2020.

[Ono Daisuke]
I usually listen to TOKYO FM during my car rides, and I remember this one time when Kakazu Yumi appeared on this corner and I was impressed by the fact that even though people are busy doing something else, they are still able to listen to the story. This really showed the potential that audio narration and radio shows have. When I met her and mentioned it, through a chain of events, this opportunity eventually presented itself in front of me. I think the narration is a conglomeration of the various skills a voice actor possesses. I'm very lucky to be given this great opportunity.

“Kikimizukin” is a heartwarming tale. All the characters in it are good. I did my best so as to convey that pure and genuine feelings we all had as children. “Odecchosan” is an insane story, in a good way(LOL). I tried to let go of reason and narrate it a way that both adults and children can enjoy and have a good laugh while listening.