Two books to look back on the 40 years of the “Gundam Series” from a musical perspective titled “Lis Ani! 'Gundam Series' Encyclopedia of Music” will be released simultaneously on Mar. 26, 2020.

The “Gundam Series” began with the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam”. The series has kept pace with the times and has been innovative for 40 years by 2019, making it a very important topic of the history of anime music.
The two “Lis Ani! 'Gundam Series' Encyclopedia of Music” completely covers and thoroughly analyzes the music from all anime works of the “Gundam Series”.

“-Universal Century-” features the works from the “Universal Century”, and “-Other Centuries-” features works from other universes.
Both contain interviews with the creators of the musical side of the works, a special talk session of greate talents, comments from celebrities, and reviews of theme songs, inserted songs, and background music. The books unravel the 40 years of “Gundam and Music” through a “Lis Ani!” point of view.

“Lis Ani! Vol. 40.1 'Gundam Series' Encyclopedia of Music -Universal Century-” and “Lis Ani! Vol. 40.2 'Gundam Series' Encyclopedia of Music -Other Centuries-” are priced at 1,500JPY each (tax excluded), and will be released simultaneously on Mar. 26, 2020.
A video with comments from director Mizushima Seiji and Suganami Eijun from THE BACK HORN, who had a talk session, is now showing at the special website.