A musical version of “Ace of Diamond” titled “Ace of Diamond The MUSICAL”, will be staged in Tokyo on Jun. 2020, and in Osaka on Jul. 2020. In addition, the first visual, cast & staff, and stage period have been announced.

“Ace of Diamond The MUSICAL” is originally a high school baseball manga series titled “Ace of Diamond” by Terajima Yuuji, which offers a variety of contents such as anime and stages.
The main cast includes Itokawa Youjirou as the protagonist Sawamura Eijun, Kashizawa Yuta in the role of Furuya Satoru, and Kohatsu Aren as Miyuki Kazuya. In addition, the first main visual, which shows the three characters in a lively motion appearance, and the character visuals were unveiled.

The staff members include Yamazaki Akira, representative of the theater company “warui-shibai” (Bad Theatre) in the role of director and scriptwriter, GARNiDELiA alias Toku (known for the activities of the musical band “GARNiDELiA”) in charge of the music, and Shiono Takuya of the dance entertainment group “Umeboshi”, responsible for the choreography. Every remarkable person from its own field, will create the world of “Ace of Diamond” with a new interpretation.

“Ace of Diamond The MUSICAL” will be performed in Tokyo at “THEATRE1010” from Jun. 25 to Jun. 30, 2020, and in Osaka at “Mielparque Hall Osaka” from Jul. 3 to Jul. 5.

(C) Terajima Yuuji, Kodansha / “Ace of Diamond” The MUSICAL Production Committee