The robot transforming PlaRail, “Shinkalion Hello Kitty” is from the collaboration between West Japan Railway Company “Hello Kitty Shinkansen”, based on the image of “Hello Kitty”, and “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion”. It will be on sale from Mar. 2020.

The PlaRail, “Shinkalion Hello Kitty” is designed based on the train toy “PlaRail” and it is a transforming toy that can transform from the four carriages shinkansen “Hello Kitty Shinkansen” to the robot form “Shinkalion Hello Kitty”.

This PlaRail has three modes: “Shinkansen Mode” (can move on top of rail by pushing it), “Shinkalion Mode” (can hold the attachment “Shingou Spear”), and “Hello Kitty Mode” (come with a “ribbon sticker” that is used on the “Hello Kitty Mask”). The “Cross Combination” can be enjoyed by combining this PlaRail with the Shinkalion's front train car that is sold separately.

A cute after combination appearance can be seen by equipping the “Head Gear (Shinkalion Hello Kitty specification), which is a cute head part based on Hello Kitty ear and ribbon, during the Cross Combination.

“PlaRail Deluxe Shinkalion Series 'Shinkalion Hello Kitty'” is priced at 8,000 JPY (tax excluded).
It will be on sales in Mar. 2020 in nationwide toy specialized stores, toy corner at the department store or emporium, internet shop, PlaRail specialized “PlaRail Shop”, Takara Tomy Official Shopping Website “Takara Tomy Mall” and some Sanrio Shop.

In Feb. 28, 2020, the original animation which feature “Shinkalion Hello Kitty” will be released in “Shinkalion TV” and “Takara Tomy Channel” in YouTube.

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