“Futari wa Pretty Cure” and “Hello Kitty”, to celebrate both anniversaries, pre-orders of the original designed pattern tote bag, pouch, and embroidered scarves are available at “Bandai Fashion Collection!”.

“Futari wa Pretty Cure×Hello Kitty Patterned Series” use the baby pink material with pattern that is suitable for mature ladies. The line-ups include: “Big Tote Bag”, “Little Tote Bag”, “Clutch Shoulder Bag”, “Multi Pouch”, and “Pouch”. On the purple handle of the bag, “Futariha Precure Hello Kitty” is printed, and gives an fashionable impression. The items works both as a single item and as a whole design.

“Futari wa Pretty Cure×Hello Kitty Embroidered Scarf” has “Futari wa Pretty Cure×Hello Kitty” collaboration logo and Maple and Mipple's embroidered.
The printing of the pairs Hello Kitty & Cure Black, and Mimi & Cure White, is a fashionable point, and the users can enjoy the arrangement by tying to the bag.

Prices of the “Futari wa Pretty Cure×Hello Kitty Patterned Series” items are: “Big Tote Bag” 8,140 JPY, “Little Tote Bag” is 7,590JPY, “Clutch Shoulder Bag” is 6,930 JPY, “Multi Pouch” is 4,840 JPY, and “Pouch” is 4,730 JPY. “Futari wa Pretty Cure×Hello Kitty Embroidery Scarf” has two colors of black and white, and price for each item is 9,350 JPY. (items above all include tax)
Pre-orders are available at “Bandai Fashion Collection!” until Mar. 1, 2020 11:00pm, and shipping is scheduled on Mar. 2020 as well.