“Adidas” and “Pokémon” collaborate and release shoes, t-shirts, etc. The designs are reminiscent of the early “Pokémon” game series. They will be on sale at corporate-owned Adidas shops and Pokémon Centers from Jan. 22, 2020.

They will have classic “Adidas” tracksuits, T-shirts, pants, shorts, and 3 types of footwear, both for adults and kids.
The 8-bit graphic designs are reminiscent of the early “Pokémon” game series.

The kids' footwear includes the “Adidas Advantage” and the “Hoop Mid 2.0” with pixel-art Pokémon designed on the upper parts of the shoe, renewing the retro Adidas style.

The adults' footwear is the “Adidas Phosphere” designed for running, also with pixel-art Pokémon giving it a unique taste to the pair.

They also have an original sticker (A5 size, with color) for those who buy the Pokémon collaboration shoes. Check out the official website for more details of the products.

The “Adidas x Pokémon” collaboration collection is sold at corporate-owned and online Adidas shops, Pokémon Centers, etc.

“Adidas x Pokémon” collaboration collection
In stores from Wednesday, Jan. 22.

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