From the TV anime “ID: INVADED”, the preceding cut and the trailer of FILE: 05 “FALLEN” which has been broadcasted from Jan. 26 (Sun) have arrived.

“ID: INVADED” is an original Sci-fi mystery created by director Aoki Ei known for “Fate / Zero” and “Aldnoah.Zero”, etc. and a novelist Maijo Otaro who won numerous awards including “Kemuri ka Tsuchi ka Kuimono: Smoke, Soil, or Sacrifices.”

An organization, going by the name “Kura”, investigates criminal cases using “Mizuhanome,” a system that detects murderous intentions.
The plot follows a crack detective Sakaido who entered the deep psyche of the criminal “The World of Killing (Id)” as a pilot of “Mizunohame” to infer sinister and mysterious cases that happen frequently whilst chasing after the shadow shadow of the serial killer maker “John Walker” .

The TV anime “ID: INVADED” FILE: 05 “FALLEN” has been broadcasted on TOKYO MX and others from Jan. 26 (Sun).