『Pokemon』 original goods have arrived. The first lineup consists of 29 items with the theme 「Pokemon in a dream」. Available at all 「3COINS」 stores starting from Nov. 1.

The products are the first lineup of Pokémon goods for 2019 from 「3COINS」, a miscellaneous store centering on selling 300 yen items. A total of 29 types of items are available such as shoulder pilllows, eye masks, turban and many more, all with original designs of sleeping Pokemons

The second lineup is said to be released on Nov. 15. The second lineup design will feature Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble which appear in the Nintendo Switch game 『Pokemon Sword & Shield』 set to release on Nov. 15. Furthermore, from Oct. 26, 「Pokemon and 3COINS」 original shopper will be given to customers who shop at 「3COINS」. (※ The pattern is the same for all sizes.)

「Pokemon and 3COINS」 original merchandise will be available at all 「3COINS」 stores from Nov. 1.

「Pokemon and 3COINS」
All 29 items in total
Available from: Nov. 1 at 3COINS (3COINS+plus, colle, 3COINS OOOPS!, 3COINS station, ASOKO+3COINS included) from all stores

Hand towel: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Pouch: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Mirror: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Pillow pad: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Blanket: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Footbed blanket: ¥ 500 each (tax exclusive)
Tissue case: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Cushion cover: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Room Slipper: ¥ 500 each (tax exclusive)
Leggings: ¥ 500 each (tax exclusive)
Hair turban: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Warm eye mask: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)
Warm shoulder pillow: ¥ 300 each (tax exclusive)

「Pokemon and 3COINS」info on purchase limit
Up to 3 for each color for each product
※Restrictions may be removed depending on the situation of each store.
※「Pokemon and 3COINS」item reservations and orders are not accepted. The number of stock for each product is limited. Please note that the stock may run out.
※Please refrain from purchasing for resale.
※Sold at 3COINS and 3COINS + plus, 3COINS OOOPS !, 3COINS station, ASOKO + 3COINS Ikspiari Maihama and colle nationwide.
※The above picture is a preview image.
※Queue tickets may be distributed by stores.
Please contact each store for inquiries.

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