From the monumental Japanese Sci-fi anime, “Genma Taisen”, cyborg warrior Vega appears as an action figure with an estimated total height of about 30cm. Currently accepting pre-orders on “Sen-TI-NEL”.

This product is a 3D figure replicated based on the original design of the cyborg warrior, Vega with fine details. With an overwhelming scale of about 30 cm in total height and more than 40 movable gimmick parts.

In addition, the gimmicks that emit light using LEDs are built into the head and chest. Movable eyeballs are included as well to reproduce his sharp eyes. And the face parts can be interchanged between the “normal version” and “damaged version”. It is a masterpiece-like item that could reproduce Vega's charm completely.

“Genma Taisen Vega 12 inch Action Figure” is priced at 37,000 yen (Excluding tax). Pre-orders are currently available on “Sen-TI-NEL” until Feb. 14, 2020, and delivery is scheduled for Jul, 2020.