The robot figure of “Gundam F91” from “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”, “Robot DAMASHII <SIDE MS> Gundam F91”, has been recreated with a completely new mold as “Robot DAMASHII <SIDE MS> Gundam F91 EVOLUTION-SPEC”.

“Robot DAMASHII <SIDE MS> Gundam F91 EVOLUTION-SPEC” is a renewal of “Robot DAMASHII <SIDE MS> Gundam F91”, and is a result of 10 years of technological developments of “Robot DAMASHII”.
The rotating beam sabers are included and the V.S.B.Rs (Variable Speed Beam Rifle) can unfold by sliding the rails attached on the back. The beam generators are equipped on the side skirts and the face armor can be opened by replacing parts.

The shoulder fins can be also unfolded by replaceable parts and the unfolding of the leg verniers are recreated by movable parts. The product also includes two beam sabers, beam launcher, and the beam shield with its complex effects well recreated by 3D printing.
The sophisticated joint structure of the “Robot DAMASHII” series lets you reproduce the scenes from the anime without difficulty.

“Robot DAMASHII <SIDE MS> Gundam F91 EVOLUTION-SPEC” is priced at 4,800JPY (tax excluded) and shipping is scheduled for May 2020. Check out the product page in “Tamashii Web” for further information.