Did you know that “Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-” is becoming a big boom now? The project started in Sept. 2017, and the 1st music video released on YouTube as a promotion of the beginning called “Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle” ranked in 3rd in popular videos. Although it was unknown project at the time, it became a big topic.
Additionally, “Fling Posse VS Matenro”, which was released in Jul. 8, 2018, ranked 1st in album ranking of Oricon, and 3rd in CD album ranking. Furthermore, the latest album just released called “Bad Ass Temple Funky Sounds” recorded on the first week a total number of sales of 9.9 million copies, and ranked in 1st in Oricon weekly ranking although it was its first appearance. It was great achievement done for the 2nd time in the series' history.
As these evidences show, the project is gathering attention not only in anime song industry, but also music industry itself, and it is the project that is most popular.

Also, the project is becoming a TV anime show in 2020. This article contains”things to look out” for “Hypnosis Mic” to the readers who think, “I think it's too late to ask about it!”, “I see and hear about it, but I don' t know anything about it”, or “I want to learn about it before watching anime!”

First of all, what is “Hypnosis Mic”?
It is directed by Kind Record, the business which creates many hit songs in several genres not limited to anisong and enka. This is first rap music CD project in the history of voice actors. It is titled as “rap battle project”, which 18 male voice actors rap in characters, and often called “Hyp Mi”.

The story is set in H era, where all violent actions have been eliminated, and women are in control of the world. Male residents lived in areas outside of Chu-o-ku, such as, “Ikebukuro Division”, “Yokohama Division”, “Shibuya Division”, “Shinjuku Division”, etc.
The struggle did not disappear from there, so people in Chu-o-ku used Hypnosis Mic, a special tool to interfere with peoples' minds, and set a rule that requires to decide the winners through rap battle called “Law H”. The representative MC group from each division competes with rap battle, and the winner can take away the territory from the losers.

So far, each division released 1 CD (only Shinjuku has 2). Plus, 3 “VS” CDs, which each division competes (including the album introduced previously). In addition to those, there is a “The Dirty Dawg” CD, about the team in which the leaders from Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shibuya, and Shinjuku were once in. One full album was released also. In CDs, in addition to rap music, an audio drama is recorded as well.

Unique characters that 18 male voice actors play

One big reason why “Hyp Mi” is so popular is because “the rap musics by the voice actors are in high quality”. The participating 12 voice actors are Kimura Subaru, Ishiya Haruki, Amasaki Kouhei, Asanuma Shintarou, Kamio Shinichirou, Komada Wataru, Hayami Shou, Kijima Ryuuichi, Itou Kento, Shirai Yuusuke, Saitou Souma, Nozuyama Kouichi.
Additionally, the additional cast members for a new team announced in this September are Iwasaki Ryouta, Kasai Kengo, Kuroda Takaya, Hayama Shou,Sakakibara Yuuki, and Takeuchi Eiji. It has a total of 18 members.

What to look at is their ability to sing. The rap pieces of music have various types, such as singing, speaking, quickly talking, or screaming, but the voice actors adapt to what they are given, showing off their wonderful articulation, and taking in characters' uniqueness to the music.

The 2nd reason why it is so popular is those charming characters.
Let me first introduce “Buster Bros!!!” the representative team from “Ikebukuro Division”.
As you can tell from their names, Yamada Ichirou, Yamada Jirou, and Yamda Saburou from “Buster Bros!!!” are brothers. The oldest Ichirou is leading the team, and all members have different eye colors for their each eye.

Next is “MAD TRIGGER CREW” from “Yokohama Division”. Having a yakuza who is in charge of Yokohama area, Aohitsugi Samatoki, as a leader, a policeman Iruma Juuto, and a former marine Busujima Maison Riou are consisting the team.

Lastly comes “Fling Posse”, the representative team from “Shibuya Division”.
A fashion designer Amemura Ramuda is doing a leader for the team, with teammates of a write Yumeno Gentarou and a gambler Arisugawa Daisu.

“Matenrou” from “Shinjuku Division” is the winner of the competition held among the 4 division last spring.
The leader is a doctor called Jinguuji Jakurai, and the rest of the team is made of a host Izanami Hifumi, and a medical businessman Kanonzaka Doppo.

Furthermore, 2 new teams were added in this September, called “Osaka Division” and “Nagoya Division”.
The representative team of “Osaka Division” is called “Dotsuitare Honpo”, and made up of unusual members, including solo comedian, Nurude Sasara”, as a leader, together with a teacher Tsutsujimori Roshou, and a con man called Amado Rei.

The representative team from “Nagoya Division” is called “Bad Ass Temple”, and Harai Kuukou, a monk, is a leader. The unique members are Aimono Juushi, a member of visual style band, and Amaguni Hitoya, a lawyer.

It is full of “Relationship Moe”! The complicated backgrounds of the members are unveiled…

After listening to drama part recorded in each division's CDs, not only learning why the members created the teams, but also “complicated relationships” among the different teams are revealed in the album.

Yamada Ichirou from Ikebukuro Division and Aohitsugi Samatoki from Yokohama Division, and Amemura Ramuda from Shibuya Division and Jinguuji Jakurai from Shinjuku Division do not get along well, but they once formed a team called “The Dirty Dawg”.

Why the team broke up, although it was known to be a “legendary team”?

The reason has not been released completely, but the lines with hints are hidden in multiple sections of drama tracks. The complicated relationships will be unveiled as the project progresses, and thinking about possible reason is another way to enjoy.

Also, Yamada Ichiro, Harai Kuukou from Nagoya Division, Aohitsugi Samatoki, and Nurude Sasara from Osaka Division were in the same team in the past. “Hyp Mi” also have comic version, and the reason for the break-up is hidden in the comics.

The authority of HIP HOP and popular rappers participate! Music is too cool!
“Hyp Mi” has another appeal that we cannot forget. That is the fact that the authorities of HIP HOP and poplar rappers compose and write the songs.

Surprisingly, Zeebra, who was always in the first line of Japanese HIP HOP industry, provided music to “Hyp Mi”.
The song was a gift for “Matenrou”, who won the tournament, and it became even more fantastic with popular participants of KOHH and ANARCHY.

“Ore ga Ichirou” (I am Ichiro) by Yamada Ichirou is written by the singer himself, Kimura (also known as Kourabin Tarou), and composed by “Gesshoku Kaigi”, the team made up of Endou from a punk music band GEEKS, Kusunose Takuya, the former member of Hysteric Blue, Iwata Acchu, the former member of NIRGILIS, and other musicians.
Additionally, “Gesshoku Kaigi” also composes “Sensen Hukoku” a song sung by Yamada Jirou and “Champagne Gold” by Izanami Hifumi.
The lyrics for “Champagne Gold” is written by Fujimori Shingo, a comedian of the tag team called Oriental Radio, and a man known to be “flirting comedian”.

“Sougyaran BAM”, the song which Harai Kuukou sing, and which was provided by Diggy-MO from SOUL'd OUT provided became a big topic recently.

The fact that Diggy-MO provides music caused SNS active, and there was a comment worrying, “can the singer recreate complicated and unique lyrics of Diggy-MO..?” Once the trailer was released, there were several comments praising the music by saying, “Why is it so wonderful!?”, “He sings it perfectly!”, and “Harai Kuukou is now my favorite”.

Not only in anime and music industry! 2.5 dimension stage is also sensational.
As I mentioned before, “Hyp Mi” is becoming TV anime.
Not only the project is making sensation in anime and music industry, but also the live action stage (2.5 dimension) was held from Nov. 15, 2019 to Dec. 1.

The stage “Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-” caused a great sensation when it was released.
Of course it is. Yamada Ichiro from “Ikebukuro Division” was played by Takano Akira, who has appeared in stages such as, “Touken Ranbu” and “Star Musical” and has a great popularity in the 2.5 dimension. Furthermore, Abe Aran from Johnny's played Aohitsugi Samatoki from “MAD TRIGGER CREW” in Yokohama Division and other sensational cast members were nominated.
In addition to them, Matsuda Shouta played Yamada Jirou, Akishima Ryuuto played Yamada Saburou, Mizue Kenta played Iruma Juuto, and Barns Yuuto played Busujima Maison Riou. The cast members for an original team, “North Bastard” from Akabane Division, were Kishimoto Yuuto played Douan Wasei, Nanbu Kaito played Kyukuri Keizan, and Matsuura Tsukasa played Hebiana Takeharu.
These cast members performed high quality rap music not inferior to the voice actors.

In 2020, “Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle” Rule the Stage -track.2- will be performed. As the new cast members for “Fling Posse” from Shibuya Division, Sekoguchi Ryou is playing Amemura Ramura, Maeyama Takahisa is playing Yumeno Gentarou, and Takizawa Ryou is playing Arisugawa Teito. The cast members for “Matenrou” from Shinjuku Division are Ayukawa Taiyou for Jinguuji Jakurai, Araki Hirofumi for Izanami Hifumi, and Miyagi Koudai is playing Kannonzaka Doppo. The cast members sensational in 2.5 dimension are appearing.

Not only in anime and music industry! 2.5 dimension stage is also sensational.

I explained for long by this point, but I want you guys to listen to this song.

I believe now you are also interested in other songs.
Each Division CD recorded 3 rap musics for each 3 characters. The songs are full of uniqueness of each character, so I recommend you to start listening from the song of your favorite character. You will find yourself to be listening to all songs without realizing, and you will be fascinated by “Hyp Mi”'s world.

“Hyp Mi” is so sensational right now, together with TV anime.
The biggest live event in Hypnosis Mic's history will be held in Met Life Dorm in Mar. 28, 2020 and Mar. 29, 2020. All cast members from all 6 divisions, including new Osaka and Nagoya Divisions, will gather in one place, and it will be successful for sure.

If you got interested in “Hyp Mi”, why don' t you go to the live event? PEACE!

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