Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE) enters a business and capital tie-up with cluster, a virtual event platform, to enhance their avatars for their virtual live broadcasting app , “REALITY”.

According to WFLE, the avatars' usage and possibilities are spreading, while many participants can't enjoy the virtual live performances and virtual events in their own avatars.
This tie-up with cluster is to solve these problems by facilitating the creation of avatars by smartphone users on the “REALITY” app. This will be the first of many enhancements to provide the users a more intense virtual experience.

WFLE and cluster will continue to develop functions cooperatively for “REALITY” users to allow their avatars to access to virtual music performances in “cluster”.
They will also be strengthening their cooperation by developing limited avatar items for the VR lives in “cluster” and co-producing VR lives.

[Reprint of the article in animeanime.biz]