“Comic Market 97”, the biggest doujinshi sale event in the world is currently being held at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo Koutou-ku) from Dec. 28. Exhibitions of various corporate booths are taking place at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Halls, which was full of fans since the opening day. Among all the corners, this time we will release information about the “Nitroplus/Nitro+chiral Booth”.

It is divided into two sections, product sale and exhibition corner. The product sale corner sells three types of products; the event pre-sale of “Play Stage 'Touken Ranbu' Hiden Yui no Me no Hototogisu Set” (2000JPY, tax included), the blankets of the leading characters Làng Wū Yáo & Líng Yá from the Japanese-Taiwanese glove puppetry television series “Thunderbolt Fantasy” (5000JPY each), and the “Nitro+chiral C97 Set” (3000JPY each). The products are mainly targeted at female fans.

Regarding the exhibition corner, five life-sized panels of the smartphone game “Warau Ars Notoria” (scheduled to be released in spring 2020) were installed. They were created in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nitroplus, along with promotional videos and opening movies.
The pre-registration for the game is currently available from Dec. 28.