The world's largest doujinshi fair “Comic Market 97” is being held at Tokyo Big Sight from Dec. 28 (Sat). Company booths were set up at Aomi Exhibition Halls which were bustling with people from the very first day. Let's take a look at one of the booths which had both goods and crowds surrounding cosplayers.

Yostar, which owns the currently airing and immensely popular anime “Azur Lane” (known as Azulen in Japan) and popular smartphone games such as “Arknights”, had a booth with two sides. One side was a booth for seliing goods, and the other was an exhibition space using a truck.

The goods booth had 23 different kinds of goods, such as body pillows and acrylic stands. The line extended beyond the event space and went out the door. It showed the popularity of works like “Azur Lane” and “Arknights”.

In the exhibition space, there were large life-sized panels of characters from “Azur Lane” and “Arknights”, as well as cosplayers passing out free flyers. There were many visitors with cameras, so the flyering was paused from time to time so that people could take photos of the posing cosplayers.