It has been revealed that the picture book “Poupelle of Chimney Town” by Nishino Akihiro (previously known for the comic duo “King Kong”) will be turned into an animated movie by STUDIO 4°C. It will be released on Dec. 2020 during Christmas holidays.
In addition, an image visual has been shown, along with the comments by Nishino, who will be in charge as director and scriptwriter of the animated version.

“Poupelle of Chimney Town” is a picture book completed in 4 years of work with Nishino as producer and supervisor of in total 33 creators, managing various works such as illustrations, coloring, and designs.
It's Halloween's night. In “Chimney Town”, a city full of chimneys where the sky is clouded by black smoke, a young orphan named Rubich meets Poupelle, a trashman. From that time, they become witnesses of great wonders.

As stated in the beginning by Nishino, the animated movie has always been his biggest goal in the “Poupelle Project”. Starting from the great success reached by the picture book selling more than 42 copies, to the book exhibitions, art gallery, and the theatre adaptation, all of this has contributed to his final achievement.
The animated movie produced by STUDIO 4°C (known for “Tekkonkinkreet” and “Children of the Sea”) is an updated version of the original work since it offers new scenarios such as “the history of Chimney Town” and the currency value's theory, adding new charming characters to the story.

In addition, an image visual of the movie has been revealed. The illustration, drawn by Fukushima Atsuko (also character designer of the original version), shows the trashman Poupelle and the protagonist Rubich ready for an epic adventure.
With all the chimneys exhaling black smoke set as background, Rubich is looking up to the sky as if he is staring at invisible stars. From his expression seems like you can feel his will hidden in the heart.

The movie “Poupelle of Chimney Town” will be released on Dec. 2020 during Christmas holidays.

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[Production director・original author・scriptwriter Nishino Akihiro]
After writing the story “Poupelle of Chimney Town” in 2011, since that time I had been thinking of turning it into a movie.
Considering that it is a very long story with a total of 10 chapters unknown to everyone, I could not imagine seeing people going to the cinema for a movie released all of a sudden. So I decided first to publish 3-5 chapters in order to let readers know the story behind it, and then turn the entire book into a movie. Since the film shows some scenarios that are not told in the book, I think that both those who have read the story and also who have not read it yet will greatly enjoy it.
I love and admire Disney for its movies, they always make me dream. For this particular reason, as creator and as expressive person I felt like the little guy in the corner compared to it, making me pushing towards and challenge the “King”. In my work, I always let the characters say “Don't give up” or “The dream comes true” because I want them to fight and accept challenges, otherwise it would be a failure.
Finally, the movie that I imagined will be released next year at Christmas. Come to watch it!

Movie (C) Akihiro Nishino/Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.