Dec. 20 is Terashima Takuma's birthday.

Terashima Takuma made his debut as a voice actor in the 2000's. In 2019, he voiced several main characters from titles such as “Uta no Prince-sama the Movie: Maji LOVE Kingdom”, “The Ones Within”, “Try Knights”, and others.
He was also active as an artist and sang the opening theme for “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and “Ultraman Taiga” this year. He will perform in both the Ryogoku concerts of “Original Entertainment Paradise -Orepara 2019~WA!!!!~” on Dec. 21 and Dec. 22, 2019.
Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a reader survey, “Who is your favorite character voiced by Terashima Takuma?” following the survey conducted last year. Here are the results. We have received a total of 95 responses in the period of Dec. 4 ~ Dec. 11.
For the male-female ratio, the majority are female making up 60% of the total responses while males only made up 40%. 50% of the total responses came from 19 years old and under and 30% came from 20's, making the results a focus on youngsters.

■The new hero Ultraman Taiga takes the top!
The first place is (voice of) Ultraman Taiga from “Ultraman Taiga” and the support rate was approximately 20%.

The main protagonist of the latest “Ultra” series, Ultraman Taiga, is the son of Ultraman Taro and the grandson of Ultra's father and mother. We have received comments from readers such as “His appearance doesn't lose to his amazing father and grandparents. The opening theme is also cool.”.
Terashima was in charge of the opening theme “Buddy, steady, go!. As he wrote the lyrics, we also received a comment: “I can understand his strong feelings for this show.” He was able to express the perspective of the works not only through his voice but also through his song which made this take the top.

In second place is Ittoki Otoya from “Uta no Prince-sama♪” and the support rate was approximately 15%. It was a rank down from last year's ranking.

We had received comments about his outstanding acting, “I was healed by Otoya's never ending smile and his positive personality with the kind voice of Terashima Takuma.” and “I felt that the innocence positiveness and the strong determination to keep shining overlap with Terashima himself.” We have also received a comment, “To Terashima, the character had a high tone but he so cute!” and the movie that was released this year also ranked at the top place.

In third place is Aikawa Makino from “The Ones Within” and the support rating was approximately 6%.

This is a new TV Anime that was broadcast in 2019. We have received comments about his tone of voice for this character with little lines, “Despite this character sleeping most of the time and being speechless, when he talks, the voice is a perfect match.” and “He rarely speaks but it is amazing that the condensation of Makino can be felt from that short speech.”

■Let's introduce the other comments!!
For Usagi from “PriPara”: “The character gap between the good voice and the cute appearance is so interesting” and “His bad habit of saying “usa” is good”.
For Gero Akoya form “Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!”: “Despite being a boy, he was a cute character which is quite rare”

For Shirota Mahiru from “SERVAMP”: “I can't forget the urgent shout when he called out for Kuro”
There was even a vote for a Drama CD which is for Hitsugi from “Teiden Shoujo to Hanemushi no Orchestra” ( The Blackout Girl and the Orchestra of the Feather Bug ), “Although it was a voice performance from the Drama CD, I was moved by his expression of the way Hitsugi lived.”

In the overall ranking, the anime, which used his song as the theme song, such as “Ultraman Taiga”, “SERVAMP”, and “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” were ranked in. Starting from “Uta no Prince-sama♪”, he released many character songs which resulted in his singing voice being a highlight.

■Overall Ranking
“Who is your favorite character voiced by Terashima Takuma?”

1st Ultraman Taiga (“Ultraman Taiga”)
2nd Ittoki Otoya (“Uta no Prince-sama♪”)
3rd Aikawa Makino (“The Ones Within”)
4th Amakaze Touma (“THE IDOLM@STER SideM”)
5th Usagi (“PriPara”)
6th Shiroe (“Log Horizon”)
7th Gero Akoya (“Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!” )
7th Shirota Mahiru (“Servamp”)
7th Saijo Leonhard (“The Irregular at Magic High School”)
7th Thomas Edison (“Fate/Grand Order”)
12th Kageyama Kojiro (“Baby Steps”)
12th Klaus Lunette (“Black Clover”)
12th Mikami Satoru (“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”)

(Survey Period: Dec. 4 ~ Dec. 11, 2019)