The main actor of the Tokusatsu series "Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya", Tsutsui Takumi revealed in his blog that he has succeeded the Soke (head school) of Togakureryu (school of the Hidden Door). It was a big surprise that the main actor of a ninja-based series inherited the Soke of real-life ninjutsu(martial arts practiced by ninja).

"Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya" is a Tokusatsu series that was broadcast from 1988 through 1989. It was the 7th installment of the Metal Hero series which started with "Space Sheriff Gavan".
The protagonist Yamaji Touha (AKA Jiraiya) is a ninja of Togakureryu and he fights against the World Ninja and the Sorcerers Clan to protect the secret treasure "Pako".
The real 34th Soke of Togakureryu, Hatsumi Yoshiaki appeared in the show as Jiraiya's foster father. He also was the supervisor of the ninjutsu action scenes.

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Tsutsui Takumi announced his succession of 35th Soke of Togakureryu in his official blog on Dec. 5. He wrote in Japanese, English, Spanish, and French saying "This time, I pointed to the Togakureryu Ninpo 35th Soke. I am still lacking in power, but I would like to ask for your cooperation and guidance. "

Many left comments to celebrate the actor who played the role of a Togakureryu ninja inheriting real-life ninjutsu.

There are many fans mentioning this news on social media, surprised of him "becoming a real ninja" and turning fiction into reality.
The ones who watched the broadcast in the 80s remember "Kushida Akira-san's opening theme being so cool", and the younger generation who watched "Shuriken Sentai Ninninger" in 2015 was "surprised to see him as a guest in 'Ninninger'".

The news of the actor playing the role of a ninja-based hero becoming the Soke of ninja after 30 years left quite the impression on the fans.