A new manga app from the “Shonen Jump +” Editorial Department, “Shunkei Shonen Jump”, has been made available for download.
This service allows users with smartphones read “Shonen Jump” works for free corresponding to the number of users that “jump” together.

“Shunkan Shonen Jump” is a manga app that was jointly planned and created by the “Shonen Jump +” Editorial Department and the “Shonen Jump App Development Contest” second phase winners, WHITE Inc. Upon awarding the prize to WHITE Inc, the Editorial Department praised the design of the application, stating that, “Opportunities for manga to be read on smartphones are increasing. In an era where most conversations about manga happen through sharing on social media, we feel that the analog concept of using your direct connections with friends to “jump” and get more excited about “Shonen Jump” is quite interesting.”

Every Wednesday, manga that are published in the latest “Weekly Shonen Jump” issue are lined up inside the app in a locked state.
By turning your smartphone’s Bluetooth function on, creating a “Jump” group, and “jumping” at the same time with the group members, a number of manga, equivalent to the number of users that “jumped” together, will be unlocked for reading in the app..
The possible timeframes to “jump” are only during the “JUMP TIME” that occurs in the morning, afternoon, and night each day in 90 minute intervals.

The “Shunkan Shonen Jump” manga app will be available for download for limited time on iOS and Android, until Mar. 2, 2020. See the official site for more details.

[This article was reprinted from Anime! Anime! Business/animeanime.biz]

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