The world's largest pop culture festival, "Tokyo Comic Con 2019", held at Makuharimesse Chiba for three days from Nov. 22 to Nov. 24,came to a close amid great success.

The fourth year of "Tokyo Comic Con" had a record high of 69,731 attendees over the three days , amounting to the largest scale event in Tokyo Comic Con's history.
Contributing to the excitement of the event was the attendance of multiple foreign celebrities. Photography, signing, and stage events, allowed for close interaction with Japanese fans over the three day period.

On Nov. 24, the final day of the event, multiple celebrities appeared on the main stage in the "Grand Finale". Guests such as Ian Somerhalder, Zachary Levi, Daniel Logan, Rupert Grint, Orlando Bloom, Mark Ruffalo, Jude Law, Chris Hemsworth took the stage to the cheers of the attendees. Tokyo Comic Con 2019 Ambassador Asano Tadanobu also fulfilled the dream of co-starring with these celebrity guests by standing shoulder to shoulder with them on stage.
Tokyo Comic Con 2019 PR Head and Main MC, Ugaki Misato, also appeared on stage to close out the event.

In addition, a photo session was held directly before the closing event, where the "TOKYO COMIC CON COSPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" award winners appeared on stage with the celebrity guests. The participants were able to take photos with the celebrities and communicate freely with them.

Finally, Tokyo Comic Con 2019 closed with a photo of all the enthusiastic visitors who had attended the convention, a fitting end for the pop culture festival.

The "Tokyo Comic Con" for next year has already been announced – we are all waiting in excitement to see the next evolution of this pop culture festival.

<Full Comments From Guests Below >
【Asano Tadanobu】
"I couldn't believe it! It was so much fun. So many huge stars coming together, and how excited everyone was getting, it was really amazing. I had a fantastic time. "

【Ian Somerhalder】
"Thank you Tokyo! I love Tokyo! I hope to see you all soon!"

【Zachary Levi】
"Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world. Thank you so much for inviting me again. I'm excited to see you all again! Arigatou, Arigatou!"

【Daniel Logan】
"Tokyo Comic Con, I'll see you next year! Arigatou, arigatou, arigatou gozaimasu!"

【Rupert Grint】
"Thank you very much Tokyo. I really had a fantastic time. I can't wait to come back to Japan."

【Orlando Bloom】
"I love you all! I was able to have such an amazing time again in Japan. Arigatou so much!"

【Mark Ruffalo】
"Konnichiwa, domo arigatou! I had such a great time, and was able to meet so many nice people. I may just leave America and live in Japan!"

【Jude Law】
"Konnichiwa! Thank you so much for allowing me to have such a great time over the past three days. I really appreciate all your enthusiasm! Let's meet again soon."

【Chris Hemsworth】
"Hello everyone, I had such an unbelievable time here. Thank you so much! I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart the warmth and kindness I received from you all!"