From the TV anime **Z / X Code reunion**, the advance cut of Episode 7 “Souten He No Chikai” broadcast on Tuesday, Nov. 11 arrived.

“Z / X Code reunion” is based on the popular trading card game “Z / X -Zillions of enemy X-“, which has sold over 28 million packs in Japan. The anime will feature an original story centered on the popular character “Kakamigahara Azumi ” and her partner “Riguel”.

In Episode 7, the students have the end-of-term examination, and a mock battle between them occurs.
Azumi and the others, who got an E in the mock battle at the time they entered school will be expelled if she cannot raise her rank in this mock battle.

Azumi and the others opponent this time is the strongest freshman rank A team.
When the game is about to begin, new Inerma comes to strike! Can Azumi and others who are trapped in a closed space where they cannot receive the assistance of the rank A team escape from the space?

TV anime “Z / X Code reunion” Episode 7 “Code 07. Souten he no Chikai” airs on TOKYO MX, AT-X and others from Tuesday Nov. 19, 2019.

(C) Z / X Code reunion production committee